February Update

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I wrote an update on the work in progress in my journals on my website. To read about it, go here: http://alistaircross.com/Cross-Talk

Also, an interview I did for Eliza Gale at Eliza Gale’s Interviews has gone live. Check it out at: http://elizagalesinterviews.com/2014/02/18/an-interview-with-horror-writer-alistair-cross/

Thank you, Eliza, for a great interview.

My Favorite Books

Among a page for news, a site map, and a few other exciting changes, a new page has been added to my website to give tribute to the books I have read and loved. As the website expands, it only felt right to give some recognition to these writers and their books. The  page displays some – but not yet all – of the novels that have left impressions on me and, most importantly, made me say to myself, One day, I’m going to do this.

And every day, I’m aware of how lucky I am to be able to. Somehow, I’ve managed to win the support of people who believe in my work, enjoy what I do, and go out of their ways to encourage me. Writing has required a lot of sacrifice and I’ve never worked as hard at anything as I am right now… but I love it enough that the time flies, the words flow, and the stories keep spinning and revealing themselves in (usually) manageable and fascinating doses.

Tamara Thorne and I are writing the final scenes of Grandma’s Rack and I can’t wait till we can look at each other and see the results of everything we’ve been working for. You’ll see a few of her books on the new book page because before I met her, before I even dreamed I’d be writing with her, I was her fan. Her NUMBER ONE fan… and I still am. I try to tell her this often. With a strange, fixed smile on my lips and a slightly crazed gleam in my eye. She loves it. But I digress…

So these are the books that I’ve fallen in love with… the ones that made me want this. There are plenty more to be added, but the page is off to a great start.

Thank you to all the great, great writers who crawled into my brain and stained me in the best possible ways. None of you will be forgotten.

Here are my favorite books. Check them out : http://alistaircross.com/Alistair-s-Favorite-Books