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Thorne & Cross

How did they celebrate Christmas in England in 1788? They didn’t have Christmas trees yet – well, except for the Mannings of Ravencrest. Father Christmas wore green, and they were in the midst of a Little Ice Age, so the Thames occasionally froze solid near London Bridge. What did Londoners do? They held Frost Fairs. That’s where our tale starts, out on the ice, but soon we travel to Ravencrest Manor (before it was imported stone by stone to America in the 1800s) where we meet a rather arcanely-inclined physician and his raven, Odin, several ghosts, and a baby-eating witch. That’s based on fact, too. She’s a relative of the Lancashire witches and next week we’re going to blog about them. So come join us at Ravencrest for holiday cheer, ghosts, magick, and gore. We’ve got it all!


Horror for the Holidays

The Manning children, Thad and Cynthia, have…

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