Karen E. Taylor joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

Tonight on Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!, we’ll be talking to novelist and vampire aficionado, Karen E. Taylor, who is having a GREAT big book giveaway. To win, send us an e-mail at our Haunted Nights LIVE! Facebook page, or at hauntednightslive@gmail.com, saying you’d like to enter the contest. We will choose 3 winners.Continue reading “Karen E. Taylor joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!”


At long last, our cover for The Cliffhouse Haunting is ready to be revealed. We love it, and would like to thank our cover design artist, Kealan Patrick Burke, for perfectly capturing the SPIRIT of our book!   When the Blue Lady Walks… Since 1887, Cliffhouse Lodge has been famous for its luxurious accommodations, fineContinue reading “COVER REVEAL FOR THE CLIFFHOUSE HAUNTING!!”

It works if you work it…

When I joined forces with Tamara Thorne in 2012, people warned me that collaborations are difficult and often don’t work out. Tamara no doubt received the same warnings and worse – she was, after all, an already-established novelist with over a dozen books under her belt. Undoubtedly, there was some nail-biting going on behind theContinue reading “It works if you work it…”

The Heart Does Not Grow Back

Sometimes, you read a book, and it reaches into you and rearranges things. You don’t usually know exactly what’s changing, only that some quiet alteration has been made – and that somewhere down the line, you’ll likely react differently to a situation, solve a problem in a new way, or draw an unexpected conclusion aboutContinue reading “The Heart Does Not Grow Back”

The Cliffhouse Haunting is Coming…

The Cliffhouse Haunting is coming in March! This is the story that started it all when, in 2012, Tamara Thorne and I decided to try writing something together. We began with a modest concept – and hoped for the best, both knowing it could go either way. We quickly realized our union was creative, complementary,Continue reading “The Cliffhouse Haunting is Coming…”

Writing Surprises: Things I Didn’t Expect to Find Out About Writing…

From setting a good scene, to creating believable dialogue, there’s a lot to learn about writing, but writers aren’t always in the student position. Writing is also a great teacher; storytelling is an age-old practice that has shaped and inspired us since the dawn of time. A while back, I started a list of thingsContinue reading “Writing Surprises: Things I Didn’t Expect to Find Out About Writing…”

A Testimonial from Horror Author, William Malmborg

“I must say, of all the interviews I have given during my writing career, appearing on Haunted Nights LIVE was, by far, the most enjoyable of them all. The chemistry between Tamara and Alistair is fantastic and handled in such a way that it is easy for a guest like myself to not only joinContinue reading “A Testimonial from Horror Author, William Malmborg”