Ghost Walk by Heather Graham

Ghost Walk, Heather Graham, 2005

My favorite quote: “ … you can get the same feeling at a Civil War battle site — even with all the bodies removed. I guess it’s a way of feeling the past, of history, people, the emotions. Remnants of the lives that were lived there, lost there.” I like this because Heather Graham summed up very nicely my own thoughts on ghosts 

Notable characters: Nikki DuMonde, the ghost tour guide; Andy, her recently-deceased friend; Brent Blackhawk, the paranormal investigator

Most memorable scene: Andy’s middle-of-the-night visit — though I have to say, Heather Graham can write some seriously spooktacular scenes when she wants to. I found Ghost Walk to be eerie in all the right ways

Greatest strengths: Ghost Walk is set in New Orleans and Heather Grahams’ descriptions of the city are top-notch. I visited New Orleans many years after reading this and was amazed by Heather Graham’s detail and accuracy in Ghost Walk. The above-ground cemeteries, the French Quarter, the ghost tours … there are a lot of people who’ve written about these things but I gotta say, Heather Graham nailed it like no other

Standout achievements: That would be Heather Graham’s crafty concealment of the killer (say that 5 times fast)

Fun Facts: Ghost Walk is one of many books I’ve picked up in various bookstores over the years simply because I liked the cover … a method that has yet to fail me. Don’t listen to them when they say you can’t judge a book by its cover — you totally can. Take Ghost Walk for example. I’d never even heard of Heather Graham before I stumbled across this book with its awesome cover, and now BAM! I’m a fan for life

Other media: Ghost Walk would make a wonderful movie, but alas … 

What it taught me: I’ve talked a little about the spooky stuff, but the truth is, Heather Graham’s a bit of a cross-genre writer — which I love. She excels at suspense and paranormal, no doubt, but she really shines at romance. Few people write romance as well as Heather Graham and when I’m looking to create emotional and sexual tension between two characters, I frequently refer to her work — and Ghost Walk in particular 

How it inspired me: Ghost Walk made me want to go to New Orleans 

Additional thoughts: I didn’t know until later that Ghost Walk is part of a series — a very good series called the Harrison Investigation books — and I am glad to have discovered it

Haunt me:

Read Ghost Walk

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