Nemesis by Agatha Christie

Nemesis, Agatha Christie, 1971

My favorite quote: “Any coincidence is worth noticing. You can throw it away later if it is only a coincidence.”

Most interesting characters: Miss Jane Marple, a small-town spinster who just can’t seem to get away from dead people; Jason Rafiel, a recently-deceased millionaire; Michael Rafiel, Jason’s son; Verity Hunt, whose untimely demise thwarted her plans to marry Michael many years ago; Clotilde Bradbury-Scott, who identified Verity — and whose name is Clotilde. I’ll do anything to say “Clotilde” 

Opening scene: In the opening of Nemesis, Agatha Christie introduces Miss Marple, who is reading her afternoon paper, and thinking to herself — as she reads the obituaries — how sad it is that people are so interested in death nowadays

The gist: Miss Marple receives a letter from her recently-deceased friend, Mr. Rafiel, asking her to look into a crime after his death. Unfortunately, he fails to mention who was involved in the crime or even when or where it took place. Miss Marple — in true Miss Marple-style — soon finds herself tangled in a web of murder 

Greatest strengths: If there’s one thing I’ve always felt gets overlooked about Agatha Christie, it’s her humor. Under all the murder and mayhem lies a funny, funny lady. Granted, her sense of humor is pretty black, but it’s there — and it shines bright in Nemesis. (Also, in Nemesis, Agatha Christie named one of her characters Clotilde. That counts as a major strength to me. Like I said, I’ll do anything to say “Clotilde.” It just tickles something deep inside me. Probably my inner child or something, who knows? Can inner children be ticklish?

Standout achievements: Seriously … is there anything Agatha Christie can’t do? The answer to that question is, of course, no. Nemesis centers on the investigation of a crime that has no starting point — no time of death, no place of murder, no body, and no suspects … and yet, here we are. If there’s ever been any question as to why they call Agatha Christie the Queen of Crime, Nemesis ought to clear it right up

Fun Facts: My sister acquired an adorable kitty not too long ago and named her like, Sox, or something. I can’t remember. Anyway, I have officially renamed the kitty Clotilde, and now I get to say “Clotilde” whenever I want — I merely have to randomly insert her into conversations like I’m doing now. Anyway, none of this really has anything to do with Nemesis or Agatha Christie, I just didn’t want anyone to think I was kidding when I said I’d do anything to say “Clotilde”

Other media: There are a few adaptations of Nemesis, including the 1987 BBC broadcast, and the 2007 ITV adaptation 

Additional thoughts: In Nemesis, Agatha Christie deals — albeit very subtly — with homosexual themes … in none other than the character of Clotidle! Given the time period, Agatha Christie was kind of ahead of her time in that way

Hit or Miss: Nemsis, like every other Agatha Christie book I’ve ever read, is a hit

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