The Entity by Frank de Felitta

The Entity, Frank de Felitta, 1978

My favorite quote: “It was neither dream nor reality. And who in the whole apartment, who in the entire city of Los Angeles, could tell her what it was?” (I’ll tell you what it is, lady — it’s a horny ghost, that’s what it is)

Most interesting characters: Carlotta Moran, a single mother who’s somehow caught the eye of one of those pesky randy demons that are always going around in books and movies putting their grubby little spectral hands on people just because they can

Opening scene: Frank de Felitta starts The Entity off with a bang, opening with a statement from Jorge (Jerry) Rodriguez, reporting that he saw Carlottta Moran being molested by an unseen entity in bed. It was nice of him to go file a report or whatever. If it was me, I probably would have just assumed she was still reeling from my sexual prowess from hours before and gone back to sleep

The gist: A young mother of three is attacked night after night in bed by a serial rapist that no one can see. While her psychiatrist — who really creeps me out, btw — thinks she’s psychotic, two parapsychology students have a different take on it. They think Carlotta is being attacked by an otherworldly entity, which apparently happened all the time in the 70s if the books and movies of that era are to be believed. And they are. Books and movies are always to be believed. Especially when they have rapey ghosts in them

Greatest strengths: I liked The Entity’s old-school horror vibe. That said, I have questions. For starters, since ghosts are dead people and dead people can’t reproduce, why are they always so horny? If I were a ghost, I’d like to think I’d have more pressing matters to attend to than feeling people up in their sleep. I mean, can you imagine how much Downton Abbey you could binge if you were dead? No way would I be going around squishing boobs and stuff. I mean, boobs are cool and all, but come on … boobs, Downton Abbey, boobs, Downton Abbey. I know how I’d spend MY eternity

Standout achievements: Even though I wouldn’t go around squishing boobs and stuff like the ghost in The Entity (I shouldn’t be so judgy — maybe the entity was a twelve-year-old boy who never got the chance to feel a real boob before) Frank de Felitta got me fully invested in the story — an earmark of great writing

Fun Facts: Sprectophilia is the name of the fetish for people who are turned on by ghosts or the alleged sexual ecounters between ghosts and humans. Of all the fetishes out there, that can’t be a very common one, right? I mean, I’ve never even thought about a ghost naked, let alone being touched inappropriately by one (well, I am NOW, but I never thought of it BEFORE now.) The point is, spectrophilia is a real thing, but it probably isn’t very common. Definitely not as common as, say, the old naughty nurse turning into a werewolf while she takes your temperature (the hard way) fantasy. Just for example …  

Other media: The Entity was made into a 1982 film starring Barbara Hershey. It was directed by Sidney J. Furie and written by Frank de Felitta, who adapted it from his novel. The Entity was absolutely groundbreaking for the ghost-squishing-a-boob scene and set the course for many a ghost-squishing-a-boob scene to come

Additional thoughts: I picked up The Entity after reading Frank de Felitta’s novel of reincarnation, Audrey Rose, which I really liked, despite that annoying little girl who was constantly screaming “HOT!HOT!HOT!” and crying about fire and stuff. I’ll do a review of her later (and when I do I’ll tell you guys just how annoying she was) but the point is, I liked Audrey Rose so I bought The Entity and I liked that, too — even though I really wish the ghost would have done more than just squish boobs the whole time

P.S.: Frank de Felitta based The Entity on the allegedly true 1974 case of Doris Bither, who, according to parapsychologist, Barry Taff, was one of the strongest poltergeist agents he’d ever encountered. Taff is represented in The Entity as one of the grad students investigating the case

Hit or Miss: Hit

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