Pines by Blake Crouch

Pines, Blake Crouch, 2012 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) My favorite quote: “Nature doesn’t see things through the prism of good or bad. It rewards efficiency. That’s the beautiful simplicity of evolution. It matches design to environment.” Most interesting characters: Ethan Burke, a secret service agent Opening scene: A man wakes up in a strange town withContinue reading “Pines by Blake Crouch”

The Haunted by Bentley Little

The Haunted, Bentley Little, 2012 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) My favorite quote: “I was in the room where things grow old.” Most interesting characters: Honestly, the only characters here that really captured my interest were the neighbors who snuck into the basement during a party for a frantic, satanic quickie — a tryst that even involvedContinue reading “The Haunted by Bentley Little”

Gone South by Robert McCammon

Gone South, Robert McCammon, 1992 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) My favorite quote: “It was hell’s season, and the air smelled of burning children.”  Most interesting characters: Dan Lambert, a desperate man haunted by the past; Pelvis Eisley, an Elvis impersonator; Flint Murtaugh, a freak-show refugee who carries his half-formed brother, Clint, hidden on his body OpeningContinue reading “Gone South by Robert McCammon”

The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

The Pale Horse, Agatha Christie, 1961 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) My favorite quote: “The science of tomorrow is the supernatural of today.” Most interesting characters: Mark Easterbrook, a pretty typical dude who finds himself embroiled in a mystery with supernatural undercurrents. Thyrza, Sybil, and Bella, three creepy spinsters with creepy names that (unfortunately) no one takesContinue reading “The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie”