The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

The Pale Horse Agatha Christie
The Pale Horse, Agatha Christie

The Pale Horse, Agatha Christie, 1961


My favorite quote: “The science of tomorrow is the supernatural of today.”

Most interesting characters: Mark Easterbrook, a pretty typical dude who finds himself embroiled in a mystery with supernatural undercurrents. Thyrza, Sybil, and Bella, three creepy spinsters with creepy names that (unfortunately) no one takes very seriously

Opening scene: Mark is hanging out at a coffee shop when two young ladies get into a nasty fight in which one pulls the other’s hair out by the roots — an achievement that ultimately becomes a major clue in Mark’s upcoming (and very disturbing) adventures

The gist: Three mysterious spinsters living in a small village claim to have supernatural powers. For a price, they’ll eliminate anyone you want — and there’s no way you (or anyone else) will ever be tied to the crime

Greatest strengths: Agatha Christie is especially talented at foreshadowing (not to be confused with telegraphing), and in The Pale Horse, it comes in the way of Macbeth. Mark Easterbrook and his girlfriend, Hermia, go see the play just before Mark meets the three creepy witches, Thyrza, Sybil, and Bella

Standout achievements: Owing to its atmosphere (and all the witchy tropes) The Pale Horse remains one of my all-time favorite Agatha Christie books

Fun Facts: Agatha Christie is outsold only by Shakespeare and the Bible — and let’s be honest, she’s a lot more fun to read than either of those. Shakespeare gets a little loquacious for my tastes, and as for the Bible, well, it’s a bit predictable. I always know whodunit. Spoiler alert: It’s the Lord, everytime, with the thunderbolt in the library. Anyway, rock on, Agatha Christie

Other media: Most recently, The Pale Horse was adapted into a 2020 miniseries starring Rufus Sewell, Sheila Atim, and Georgina Campbell. I haven’t seen it, but if the reviews are to be believed (ha ha), this version varies pretty dramatically from Agatha Christie’s book

Additional thoughts: While most famous for her mystery skills (and rightly so), I don’t think Agatha Christie gets enough credit for her overall writing chops. If you read The Pale Horse and compare it to, say, And Then There Were None, you can get a real feel for the diversity and range of her style and ability. She handles first-person narrative as smoothly as third, and can effectively set her scenes anywhere, be it a train, an island, or, as it is in The Pale Horse, a small English village. She also wrote several romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. The woman was a genius, you guys, and I think we should all take a moment of silence to reflect on her brilliance. I’ll wait …  

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