The Midnight Ripper — Cover Reveal

The Monsters are Real … Michael Ward, a vampire once dedicated to peace and harmony, lost his humanity when he gave into love — and other primal desires.  Now he rages and murders indiscriminately … and he’s on the run. And Sometimes, They’re Inside You …  Cade Colter, along with renowned monster hunter, Father VincentContinue reading “The Midnight Ripper — Cover Reveal”

The Crimson Corset

As promised, with the release of The Cliffhouse Haunting – which can be purchased now at Amazon – I am disclosing a teaser of my upcoming solo project titled The Crimson Corset. The Crimson Corset will be finished later this summer. Coming this Summer The Crimson Corset   Welcome to Crimson Cove Sheltered by ancient redwoods,Continue reading “The Crimson Corset”