The Uncomplaining Corpses by Brett Halliday

The Uncomplaining Corpses, Brett Halliday, 1940 My favorite quote: “‘By God, I’m beginning to think you did have a perfect crime planned. Too bad an accident had to upset it.’” Notable characters: Mike Shayne, the PI; Phyllis Brighton, his newlywed wife; Arnold Thrip, a man interested in a job; Leora Thrip, a woman who paysContinue reading “The Uncomplaining Corpses by Brett Halliday”

The High Window by Raymond Chandler

The High Window, Raymond Chandler, 1942 My favorite quote: “The moonlight was cold and clear, like the justice we dream of but don’t find.” Notable characters: Philip Marlowe, the world’s favorite wise-cracking PI; Elizabeth Bright Murdock, the wealthy widow who hires him to locate a very valuable missing coin; Leslie Murdock, her irritating negative-Nelly sonContinue reading “The High Window by Raymond Chandler”