Sleep Savannah Sleep

SEARCH FOR LOCAL WOMAN ENTERS FOURTH DAY. Below the headline was a picture of Savannah Sturgess, chin resting in her palm, a half-smile on her face. In the backyard, beneath the morning sun, Jason stared at the photograph on his laptop then scanned the article. There were no new developments. The police were still investigating.Continue reading “Sleep Savannah Sleep”

The Entity by Frank de Felitta

The Entity, Frank de Felitta, 1978 My favorite quote: “It was neither dream nor reality. And who in the whole apartment, who in the entire city of Los Angeles, could tell her what it was?” (I’ll tell you what it is, lady — it’s a horny ghost, that’s what it is) Most interesting characters: CarlottaContinue reading “The Entity by Frank de Felitta”

Ghosts, Witches, and Demons, Oh, My!

Coming March 29th (and available for pre-order now at: Books 1 – 3 in The Ravencrest Saga are available as a boxed set for only $9.99 Book 1: THE GHOSTS OF RAVENCREST  Ravencrest Manor is the most beautiful thing new governess, Belinda Moorland, has ever seen, but as she learns more about its tangledContinue reading “Ghosts, Witches, and Demons, Oh, My!”