Gone South by Robert McCammon

Gone South, Robert McCammon, 1992 (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) My favorite quote: “It was hell’s season, and the air smelled of burning children.”  Most interesting characters: Dan Lambert, a desperate man haunted by the past; Pelvis Eisley, an Elvis impersonator; Flint Murtaugh, a freak-show refugee who carries his half-formed brother, Clint, hidden on his body OpeningContinue reading “Gone South by Robert McCammon”

The Night Boat by Robert McCammon

The Night Boat, Robert McCammon, 1980 My favorite quote: “‘I felt hatred,’ Moore said. ‘I felt the pressure of hatred and evil inside there.’” Notable characters: David Moore, who discovers the sunken submarines; the many moist nazi zombies who still (somehow) live on within them … (I’m not gonna lie: These guys are my favoriteContinue reading “The Night Boat by Robert McCammon”

Speaks the Nightbird by Robert McCammon

Speaks the Nightbird, Robert McCammon, 2009 My favorite quote: “Tell me. What is the point of life, if truth is not worth standing up for? If justice is a hollow shell? If beauty and grace are burnt to ashes, and evil rejoices in the flames?” Most interesting characters: Matthew Corbett, young clerk to the travelingContinue reading “Speaks the Nightbird by Robert McCammon”

They Thirst by Robert McCammon

They Thirst, Robert McCammon, 1981 My favorite quote: “Well, look around. Just look. Have you ever considered the possibility that God might be insane?” Notable characters: Andy, the detective; the Roach, a rapist and murderer; Gayle, a reporter; Rico, a gangster Most memorable scene: When the albino opens fire in that bar in Texas. NotContinue reading “They Thirst by Robert McCammon”