Mercy Kill

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 I saw you in a dream

At the top of the stairs

Your lips were sewn shut

To stifle your prayers


Your skin looked so tight

And you looked so afraid

You looked so bewildered…

You looked so… betrayed


In a hot panicked frenzy

Devoid of all grace

You were trying to scream

While you clawed at your face


As dark scarlet red

Dripped from your lips

 Reaching for answers

With blind fingertips


And as inert as a painting

I just stood there so still

Thinking murder’s a mercy…

An act of good will


© Alistair Cross

Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights Live!


A few months back, Tamara Thorne and I were interviewed by Pam Stack at Authors on the Air. We had a great time on the show and the three of us quickly double entendered ourselves into a fast friendship.  A few weeks ago, Pam asked us if we would be interested in hosting some horror-themed shows in October. This sounded like a lot of fun and we agreed, though we’ve kept it under our Halloween masks until today.


Since, Pam has invited us to host our very own brand new radio show… so starting in November, we will be hosting Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights Live. We will be interviewing horror authors and other macabre personalities, talking about horror in general, telling ghost stories – ours and yours – and are planning some very special T&A – style features for your amusement.


Already, we have an impressive list of excellent horror authors on tap, ready to share their personal stories in the horror industry as well as the secrets of their writing processes. But don’t expect deep dark critiquing and heavy duty analysis. If you follow us on Facebook, you know we like to have fun. We’ll talk about books and movies, the publishing world and about our own writing processes, as well as our unique methods for breaking writer’s block and other catastrophes.

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A shiny new Facebook page for our show will appear soon, but you can friend us right now on our individual Facebook pages at Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross. We welcome questions and suggestions.


We have a vision. We want Haunted Nights Live to be the liveliest show about dead things in existence! It will be Halloween all year long at Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights Live. Boo!

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The Ghosts of Ravencrest

Write what you love.  That is the cardinal rule Tamara Thorne and I live by. That being said, we are pleased to announce some exciting changes coming to our serialized novel, The Erotic Adventures of Belinda.

Although we began this serial as a strictly erotic tale with just a hint of ghostly goings-on, we’ve found we enjoy our specters and scandals far too much to stick to erotica alone. Therefore, we have decided to make ourselves happy by including more of what we love most – ghosts, mysteries, and chills. But no worries if you’re reading Belinda purely for the erotica – there will still be oodles of sexy thrills, we promise. However, with the release of our third installment, Darker Shadows, due out in the coming weeks, Darkness and Erotica will become equal partners in a sexy, spooky Danse Macabre.

First, we’ve changed the series title to something that speaks of the shadowed corridors, disembodied voices, and mysterious footsteps that haunt the halls of Ravencrest Manor:  The Ghosts of Ravencrest.


We will also be adding some previously deleted scenes that concentrated more on the spectral than the sexual. The changes are minor, but because of these additions, we’ll be combining all three installments – The New Governess, Awakening, and the new release, Darker Shadows - into an omnibus edition for the single-installment price of 2.99. That way you’ll be getting all three for the price of one. Think of it as the unexpurgated version of Belinda’s tale.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it!

On the Eve of Battle


In the chill dusk

Of the season’s first freeze

Our faith falls like leaves

From midwinter trees


…And is there no shelter

From the fierce aftermath?

Where the pleasure exceeds

The pain of the path?


Where we find enough faith

To extinguish the grief?

And the assault of existence

Is obligingly brief?


The night’s almost gone

The dawn won’t be kind

We will never erase

The terror etched in our minds


But the wounds are in vain

We have no right to bleed

So with uncertain cause

We simply… proceed


© September 11, 2001 by Alistair Cross

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Horror Poetry


All Hallow’s Eve is on its way, and to get into the spirit of things, I’ve decided that from now until October 31st, I will be posting some of my darker, horror-themed poetry here on my blog.


There’s a poetry page on my website that has divided my poems into four growing lists: Love & Hate, Darkness & Shadows, Confessions of a Fetishist, and Theories and Thoughts. From now till Halloween, I will be focusing on the Darkness and Shadows list. You can visit my poetry page here.


That being said, I hope everyone is getting excited for holidays. Tamara Thorne and I are on the first read-through of our 171,000 word manuscript and are in the process of cutting it down as much as possible. Once that’s finished, we’re returning full-time to Grandma’s Rack. In the meantime, Belinda is undergoing some changes that we’ll be blogging about soon, and the third installment will be available in the coming weeks.

Happy haunting….






 And now the stars shine brighter

Than they ever have before

Heart and mind lock tighter

In some sort of civil war

The night sets down my weapons

And puts pride against a wall

But intentions turn to savages

Though no crisis comes to call

I’m becoming something ravenous

A brand new breed of man

I’m becoming something happenstance

I’m becoming something other than


But is this creature friend or foe?

Is its rage not my accomplice?

Are my thirsty eyes not wilder now?

Is my pain not proof of progress?


How many mornings will I rise

With bloodstains on my lips

And memories of wicked deeds

Just beyond my fingertips?

Will I soon become accustomed to

The creature I’ve become;

This primitive and untamed thing

Known and loved by none?


 I will pray for absolution

And for both your life and mine…

I’ve become something unholy

Something dark and undivine


 © Alistair Cross