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So now you see the spark

I harbored in the darkness

And you can tell the world

I’m hell-bound and I’m heartless


Did you think that I’d be nothing

But hurt, hollow and haunted

When you turned us into all the things

You knew I never wanted


When you began to play

These complicated games

These tangled up entanglements

That stain love’s sacred name


You’re determined to be angry

For one reason or another

You’re happy when you hate me

So rage on, my wayward lover


I can offer you no freedom

I can’t save you from yourself

For your mind is your own prison

And your heart is your own hell


But what would I have given

For one last time-lapsed touch?

Anything, my darling…

I wanted you that much


© Alistair Cross

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Podcast for Authors on the Air

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Tamara Thorne and I just finished a wonderful live interview with Pam Stack at Authors on the Air. We discussed writing, our processes, and our upcoming projects.

If you missed it, here’s a link to the podcast.


Just a Few More Hours Now…

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In just a few more hours now – 5:00 pm Pacific, 8:00 pm Eastern time – my collaborator, horror legend Tamara Thorne, and I will be live at Authors on the Air. They do call ins, so if you have a question for either of us about our work, our writing processes, or anything else, call the show at:  (347) 884-8266.

Here is the direct link to the show. We look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest poster from the upcoming Belinda series…


Authors on the Air

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Tamara Thorne and I will be live on Authors on the Air tomorrow night, April 17, at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern.  Come join us for an hour of fun and information about our projects. You can even call in with questions!

Here is the direct link to the show. 


Going Down…?

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This weeks hot reminder that Belinda is on her way…



An erotic series by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

Coming this summer from Avalerion Books


If You Were Mine

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With hands and mouth I’d worship you

And wander, want and roam

With eyes and lips I’d covet you

From flesh, to blood, to bone


But with the grace of midnight winds

That graze against my pain

I swallow kisses till they burn

And riot in my veins


As with flames beneath my tongue

And nothing safe to say

Each time your eyes and mine collide

I look the other way


© Alistair Cross

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Grandma, Belinda, Haunted Cabins, and Author Interviews…

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Before getting into anything else, I want to share a great joint interview I did with my collaborator – horror legend Tamara Thorne – at Gingernuts of Horror. We covered everything from horror, erotica,  ghost hunting, and photography to our solo works, our process, our plans, and a bit about a future novel we haven’t discussed until now. Thank you to everyone at Gingernuts, for the fun and unique questions. Tamara and I had a good time with this one.

Also, next Thursday, April 17th, at 8:00 pm EST Tamara and I have a LIVE interview at Authors on the Air with Pam Stack that we’re very excited about. I’m not especially keen on live interviews as I find any kind of public speaking worrisome, but Authors on the Air is a considerable force that you don’t say no to! The show is about an hour-long and we’re looking very forward to it. I am usually only nervous about these things beforehand. Once the show starts, I’m sure I’ll be fine, so tune in and give us a listen. It’s sure to be a good time. As soon as I have a link to the show, I will post it in all the post-able places.


(A promotional poster for Belinda)

In the meantime, the writing is going as strong as it possibly can. Tamara and I have been spending anywhere from six to nine hours a day, five and six days a week, developing setting, establishing characters,  composing plot, and polishing finished content. Our hands are full and we’re doing a bang-up job of juggling tasks, but we’re also having the time of our lives and are getting more excited every day to get our creations into readers’ hands.

Grandma’s Rack is in the final stages and once the last few scenes are completed – which will be done within the week – we intend to let the manuscript sit for six to eight weeks till we can return to it with a clear perspective before doing a final rewrite. Then it still has to go to the editor, back to us for any needed modifications, then finally, to the publisher. As soon as we have it ourselves, the release date will be revealed.

grslugline (2)

(Cover for Grandma’s Rack)

Belinda is plowing along and full-speed. As per our publisher, Tamara and I have creative control over the cover art for the various installments and promotional material, so for the first time, I’m putting my years of photography experience to good use. The first photo session was last weekend, and there’s another one this weekend which will include one of the male models we’ve chosen. Also, I eventually want to revisit Billy the Serpent, as he was easily one of the most natural and photogenic creatures I’ve ever had the honor of capturing with my lens… so watch for further images of him as well as his beautiful human counterparts. A great big Thank You! to Avalerion books for allowing us the artistic freedom to pursue our vision of the Belinda series.  eroticacover

 (A promotional photo for Belinda)

And speaking of Avalerion, I just received my copy of A Mortal Glamour by living legend Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.  Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is a veteran horror author and very good friend who has several books being released through Avalerion. Between her, Gryffyn Phoenix, and Tamara Thorne, I am very good company and can’t express the gratitude I feel to be grouped with these great, great pros. Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do this summer and intend to get started on it within the next few weeks, beginning with A Mortal Glamour which I’ve already taken the confident measure of adding to my list of  all-time Favorite Books.


(A Mortal Glamour by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo. And yes… that’s a blurb from Stephen King at the top!)

Lastly, we created a logo for the Cross & Thorne collaborations. We call it The Glass Apple and we love it dearly. You will be seeing this – and possibly, variations of this – on our upcoming projects.


(The Glass Apple)

All best,

~Alistair Cross



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