Thirteen Ghosts!

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(An angel in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery)

If you live in Southern California, you might see this article by Tamara Thorne in the newspapers. After exploring a load of allegedly haunted places in and around the Los Angeles basin, she chose her 13 favorite haunts.

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(Suicide Bridge)

All are publicly accessible and include the Queen Mary, the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, and Calico Ghost Town in the high desert.


(An old chapel in Calico Ghost Town which inspired Tamara’s novel, Thunder Road)

Her personal favorites include the Old Zoo in Griffith Park – it’s haunted by tourists and animals from long ago – and a little taco joint called Taco Lita in Arcadia, where she saw a friendly apparition.

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(Taco Lita, where Tamara saw an apparition… and had great food!)

The other sites include Wilmington’s Drum Barracks, full of phantom sounds and fragrances, two lighthouses on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Claremont’s Old Schoolhouse, Olvera Street, Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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(A haunted Palos Verde lighthouse)

To learn more about these ghosts and the places they haunt, read the newspaper article here.

Black Widow



Her hand stretches out to me

With grace but without motion

As I stumble into nothingness

She offers me her potion


I could not see her face

But I knew I knew her well

“Drink from me,” she whispered

“I promise not to tell…”


Casting a shadow of liquid light

That filtered through the day

I inherit her philosophies

And silently obey


While I recited childhood lullabies

Low and languidly

I tasted her thick poison

But first it tasted me


In a deadly poetic coma

Into numbness I was anchored

And with barely the strength to whisper

I smiled and I thanked her


© Alistair Cross

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Sinister. Sexy. Soon…

It’s sinister. It’s sexy. It’s coming soon…

After just one night at Ravencrest Manor, the new governess, Belinda Moorland, begins to suspect her beautiful new home has a dark side. By day, the house and grounds are sublime, but the night is alive with dark shadows and phantom footsteps in empty corridors. Eyes – and hands – are upon her, and not all of them belong to the living.

The Ghosts of Ravencrest. Cross the threshold…


We’re Hee-eere…


Tamara Thorne and I are taking our horror show live on the Internet Highway. Come read about it on our new collaborative blog!

Originally posted on Thorne & Cross:


Cue the music… Release the bats… Grab a horror writer… It’s showtime!

Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! will debut on Authors on the Air Global Radio Network on Thursday, November 6th, at 9:00 Eastern. With two million listeners in 44 countries, we are proud and excited to be a part of this network, and now, you can give us a like on Facebook at our own Haunted Nights LIVE! page.

At Haunted Nights LIVE! we will be talking about all things horror with the biggest names in the business. From fiction writers and paranormal investigators to haunted spots and true ghost stories supplied by our listeners, Haunted Nights LIVE! will feature fact, fiction, and that indiscernible gray area in between.

Our guest list so far includes New York Times Bestselling author Douglas Clegg, International Horror Guild Award winner Glen Hirshberg, children’s author extraordinaire Q.L. Pearce, bestselling

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Dark Hotel

dark hotel


At the top of the winding road

Only evident through moonlight

Stood the hotel’s silhouette…

Tall and black against the night


I’m not sure where we are coming from

I’m not sure where we are going

But as we near the looming structure

I feel a nearly-eerie knowing


On a level deeper than instinct

And deeper than intellect

I know that I’ve been here before

Though I can’t quite recollect…


I don’t recall the lobby

Any stairs or any halls

But our room had scarlet carpet

And famous paintings on the walls


The hotel was bathed in silence

Yet I was somehow made aware

That you and I were not

The only creatures dwelling there


I approach an open window

Where red curtains billow inward

And I gaze on blackened trees

And hear the haunted songs of night birds


And you touch me on the shoulder

And whisper something in my ear…

Some command I can’t remember

Or a rumor I wasn’t meant to hear


But those shapeless words sedate me

Like poison in warm milk

And as the clock strikes some late hour

We slip into sheets of wintered silk


…And the dream is a forewarning

Or so, at least, it seems

As I wake at breakneck speed

Just to wonder what it means


© Alistair Cross

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Frightful Fun with the Demonic Duo

For the debut of our Thorne & Cross blog, Frightful Fun with the Demonic Duo, we have decided our inaugural post shall be Five Nights in a Haunted Cabin! It’s been almost a year since we met up and stayed in the creepy little cottage in California’s Gold Country to investigate the alleged hauntings at the owner’s request. So what better way to kick off the Halloween season than with a true ghost story! Give us a look, give us a subscribe!


We’re Spilling the Secrets of Horror…

Our new show, Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights Live!, is all about horror. We’ll be interviewing your favorite authors, discussing books, movies, and your ghost stories, among other things. Our first guests include Douglas Clegg, Glen Hirshberg, and Michael Aronovitz! The show premiers November 6th on the Authors on the Air station at Blog Talk Radio. URL coming soon!



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