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 The passion and the peril

The pleasure and the pain

Forgiveness is forgotten

The wrong word spawns a daisy chain


Fireworks when we’re delighted

Fireworks when we’re not

Ferocious verse is forced into

The most untimely slot


And as we hang here by a thread

Trust my tongue to slip

And unzip your civilities…

Your cue to crack the whip


…Exhibiting all my frailties

By a sleight of hand

…Inspiring a bloodbath

In the Promised Land


…If only these words

We could forever reverse

If only these lips could kiss

The same way they curse…



© Alistair Cross

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All the World’s a Page

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It’s been a long week.

While my collaborator, Tamara Thorne, was at Comic Con for a couple of days, I took the lead on Belinda’s third installment, which we are calling Darker Shadows. I only got about ten pages deep when Tamara, having had enough of Comic Con, came home. We’ve since polished up those ten pages, added more to it, and are excited about the upcoming installment ~ probably because, like the title implies, the shadows of Belinda’s adventures are getting darker, deeper, and a bit more foreboding (you didn’t really think we could keep the creepy-crawlies and ghosts out of our erotica, did you?) and we are pleased by the direction of the story and the readers’ response to it. So thank you to everyone who has purchased The New Governessas well as the latest installment, AwakeningThe third is underway and will be here soon.

Meanwhile, on other projects, Tamara and I are in the climax of our other story, and things are getting very intense. We’re having a good time, but due to the crunch of deadlines, we have very limited time off – although I did spend the day doing photos yesterday for upcoming Belinda art…. but we more than made up for that today, I think, by kicking out nearly 5,000 words.

On a side note, we did an interview at Susanne Bellamy’s All the World’s a Page, where we talked about Belinda, collaborating, and how we go about writing a serialized novel.

Otherwise, it’s writing, writing, writing for now, and we’re getting very excited about our progress.

Thank you again, readers, for the support and love.

Till next time…

Comic Con Virgin Pops Cherry

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Originally posted on Tamara Thorne's Little Blog of Horrors:

I have finally been to a Comic Con.  My friend and fellow writer, QL Pearce, and I headed to San Diego in time to attend Preview Night on Wednesday.  The road trip, as always, was fantastic, and we stopped for a late lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Old Town for a late lunch then headed to the Horton Grand Hotel where we showered off the effects of the heat wave before taking the short walk down 5th to the Convention Center.  The crowds were thick, but interesting.  On the way, we saw vans plastered with religious slogans and, in front of the convention hall, protesters picketed with signs about drinking Jesus’s blood and bathing in his sins or something. The Jeebus freaks were rebuked with good humor about worshiping Thor and other gods who know how to party.


I’d been warned repeatedly that Comic…

View original 987 more words

Belinda Meme From a Reader

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Dusty Pages

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What is the most blatant lie I’ve ever told?

What eye color do I think is sexiest?

Do I admire my own writing?

These are just a few of the questions Sonnet O’Dell asked me in my interview for her Meet a Writer Monday guest spot at Dusty Pages. Give her a visit to find the answers to these – and many more – questions. While you’re there, look around and you’ll find all kinds of other interesting things…


Belinda: The Awakening is Live on Amazon!

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In The New Governess, Belinda Moorland became governess to the children of handsome and mysterious millionaire, Eric Manning. She met several interesting employees at Ravencrest Manor, including the mischievous butler, Grant, and the frightening house administrator, Mrs. Heller. During her first night, Belinda was also greeted – and groped – by other inhabitants of the house; ones who are more phantom than flesh.

Now, in Awakening, we find out more about Grant Phister, the wicked Mrs. Heller, and some of the other inhabitants of the house, both living and dead. There are more secrets than ever waiting within the walls of Ravencrest, but Belinda has one final requirement to meet before she can get down to work: She must pass her physical examination – and it will prove to be far more intimate than anything in her wildest dreams – or her darkest nightmares. Will she get through her first day at Ravencrest intact?
The erotic adventures of Belinda continue…

The second installment of The Erotic Adventures of Belinda, Awakening, is now live on Amazon!  In coming weeks, it will be available in all other formats, too.


A Funny Belinda Meme From a Reader

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This, from a reader, lol.

We love it. And so does Belinda!

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